Category: Organizations

International Green Cross

This international organization considers its main goal to be to protect nature. It was created in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev, after the Earth Summit conference […]

Global Greens

This organization has been doing its business since 2001. It was formed in Australia. It is an international organization that, some twenty years ago, developed […]

Venus Project

Jacques Fresco is the founder of an international organization called the Venus Project. Its activities are aimed at strengthening global sustainability, as well as the […]

European wilderness

European wilderness is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection. The most important task of European wilderness is to preserve biological diversity and reduce the […]

Marine Stewardship Council

Due to uncontrolled fishing, the problem of a catastrophic decrease in the world’s fish reserves, the disappearance of entire species of marine life, and the […]


This environmental organization is perhaps the most famous in the world. it was founded by volunteers in 1970 in Canada. The main principle of this […]


CCAMLR is the name of the organization that supports the life of Antarctic marine living resources. It started in 1982 as an international group. It […]