European wilderness is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection. The most important task of European wilderness is to preserve biological diversity and reduce the impact of climate on people and the environment. The organization was created thanks to the efforts of Dalibor Dostal 13 years ago. This great man was the editor of the […]

In 1986, Canada was the first country to sign the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer. A little later, in the mid-90s, the UN recognized Canada as the best country in the world for people to live in. Canada currently has the highest average life expectancy. This is due to the environmental […]

This organization implements monitoring of existing problems for the preservation of natural wealth and the ecological safety of the Earth. The structure of the organization allows it to hold a special position in the UN General Assembly. IUCN initiated the creation of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the World Conservation Monitoring Center. The […]

Due to uncontrolled fishing, the problem of a catastrophic decrease in the world’s fish reserves, the disappearance of entire species of marine life, and the disruption of the natural eco-chain has arisen. The Marine Stewardship Council is committed to regulating marine bioresources and fishing. MSC certification covers catch from vessel to plate at all links […]

This environmental organization is perhaps the most famous in the world. it was founded by volunteers in 1970 in Canada. The main principle of this international company is the protection and preservation of the environment. Greenpeace operates through an autonomous existence, which is not dependent on government subsidies and exists on voluntary contributions from charitable […]

CCAMLR is the name of the organization that supports the life of Antarctic marine living resources. It started in 1982 as an international group. It is headquartered in Hobart, Australia. The basis for its creation was the financial interest of different countries in the regulation of the Arctic krill fishery, which is very important for […]

The Rainforest Alliance (RA) is an international non-governmental alliance headquartered in New York. The main purpose of this community is to preserve the diversity of nature without losing productivity. In order to achieve this, they use methods to improve the efficiency of agricultural land cultivation, as well as develop business processes and increase the culture […]

Fauna & Flora International is an international organization dedicated to protecting the environment. This organization was created almost a hundred years ago in the British Empire. It is the oldest organization that improves environmental protection. With its participation, the first reserves and programs for captive breeding of wild animals have been developed in the XX […]

This institution is engaged in the protection of the environment. Its activities are carried out in countries such as the USA, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, India, and many others. Dave Foreman is the person who created this organization in 1981. The organization’s first mission was to repair the Glen Canyon dike with a 100-meter […]

The depletion of natural resources and harmful emissions into the soil, atmosphere, and water bodies has a detrimental effect on the flora and fauna of the Earth. The Special Conservation Cooperation Fund for the Conservation of Ecosystems (CEPF) is committed to preserving and restoring the ecology in those regions of the planet that need it. […]

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