This environmental organization is perhaps the most famous in the world. it was founded by volunteers in 1970 in Canada. The main principle of this international company is the protection and preservation of the environment. Greenpeace operates through an autonomous existence, which is not dependent on government subsidies and exists on voluntary contributions from charitable foundations and individuals. The organization does not hide any process in its reporting. All the money that Greenpeace receives in the course of its activities is spent on the implementation of projects to protect natural resources. The Foundation pays great attention to such global problems as the reduction of the area of forest plantations. Also, the organization pays much attention to the issues of harmful changes in climatic conditions on Earth, the problem of chemical emissions, the danger of extinction of rare species of animals.

The foundation of the organization’s activities consists of the principles of non-violent protest and peaceful appeals. The more people on the planet join environmental campaigns, the more chance of successful solutions to problematic issues. Greenpeace also pays great attention to informing earthlings about the latest environmental news. The organization also carries out scientific activities.