What do you need for a printing business?

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Choose a room

When you choose a space, it is best to locate your printing business in manufacturing buildings, business centers, etc. The most important thing is to locate in a place where there will be a steady demand for your services.

Buy equipment

Most of the start-up investment will go to production equipment. Equipment can buy new or second-hand quality. Here it’s all up to you to decide. New equipment is guaranteed to serve you longer, but it will cost you a pretty money. It is impossible to say exactly how much you will have to spend on buying equipment. But we can specify what elements you will need:

  1. A computer with support for appropriate Windows-based programs.
  2. Printers.
  3. Thermal presses for souvenirs (optional).
  4. Plotters for cutting cloth.
  5. Cutters for paper and flyers.
  6. Various tables and chairs.
  7. Licensed software.
  8. Consumables by type of ink, webbing, etc.
  9. Cash register (optional – you won’t need a cash register if you run your business exclusively in an online format).
Printing business

Hire staff

The number of services you provide affects the staff. Many people find it difficult to choose highly qualified specialists, so we would like to focus your attention on this topic. Let’s imagine that you open a small company. At first, this will be true. A small company implies the presence:

  1. A manager – the person who takes and sorts orders and is in charge of marketing.
  2. Designer – the person who will develop designs and make preparations for printing.
  3. Cutter – the person who will do the processing.
  4. Printer – the person who will do the labor-intensive work process.
  5. Assistant – the person who will facilitate the operation of the company and increase the labor pool.

You can save money on generalists, who can combine several professions. Specific orders can be handled by people on a freelance schedule who are not part of the staff. If you are experiencing serious funding difficulties, you can take on the duties of a manager for the first time.

Find out what licenses, certificates, and permits are needed to do the job

The information in this paragraph varies too much depending on the country you live in, so we won’t go into detail at this point. However, you will still need certain licenses and permits to operate. Meet with your local economic development agency representative to find out where you need to go to obtain all the necessary documents.


Your business opening will need to be advertised to your entire target audience. Customers of printers are almost everywhere, so you should have no problem finding your visitors if you advertise yourself properly. What exactly can you do? For example, announce yourself through press releases in local print publications.

You can also focus on spreading the word through social networks, informing your friends about your activities, and creating thematic groups. It is also a good idea to hold a promotional event, not only to introduce potential customers to your company but also to demonstrate the quality of your work.