Mikhail Fridman: a unique biography of a successful businessman

Mikhail Maratovich Fridman is a famous entrepreneur and investor born in Lviv on April 21, 1964. This city is located near the Polish border in Western Ukraine. Subsequently, a talented young man moved to Moscow, becoming one of the most influential businessmen in Russia and the world. In particular, Fridman founded the international investment group Alfa Group.

Education and career start

Fridman graduated from the Moscow Institute of MISIS in 1986, receiving a degree in Engineer-Physics. After graduating from university, he worked at an Elektrostal factory, but the work did not bring true pleasure, and the times changed. Therefore, despite a reasonably successful career in science, Fridman has always dreamed of business.

In 1989, he first founded Alfa Photo with friends from his alma mater, and then, he registered a joint venture with capital from a Swiss bank. This helped him start the export of metallurgical products and oil. His company is Alfa Eco. A giant investment consortium called Alfa Group emerged from this enterprise later.

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Today, the main project of Fridman is an international financial conglomerate called Alfa Group, which manages significant assets in Russia and abroad. Among the structural units of this economic giant are such famous enterprises as Alfa Bank, Alfa Insurance, and MegaFon.

However, we are confident that the purchase of Tyumen oil and gas company shares was the most significant financial stage in the biography of Mikhail Fridman. This contract was a big event that stirred up the whole Russian business.

Fridman and his business partners, such as German Khan, took a majority stake in the Tyumen oil and gas company. They also became one of the most influential people in the field of an oil refinery in Russia.

Mikhail Fridman


In addition to business, Fridman is involved in charity and public life in Russia. This entrepreneur created a charitable foundation called “Act of Kindness,” which assists needy people in different fields of life: medicine, education, sports, and culture.

In addition, Fridman is a member of an international public movement called “The Dialogue of Nations,” which aims to create communication between representatives of different nations.

Personal life

Fridman is divorced and has four children. His ex-wife is Olga Aiziman, whom he met at university. Despite the divorce, the Fridman family is known for their charity. So they support many charities. Mikhail Fridman is an excellent example of a successful entrepreneur who was able to realize his dreams and professionally achieve success.

He is one of the wealthiest people in Russia and is actively engaged in charity. Also, he participates in the life of society, and his biography inspires many talented people to achieve their goals and dreams. If you are interested in Mikhail Fridman net worth, we suggest you visit this section of the official website.