How can I make money from cryptocurrency in 2023?

Cryptocurrencies are computer code that (as a rule) has no issuing center, which is its main advantage over fiat currencies. It got interesting. We want to dispel your doubts if you have heard something about cryptocurrency and thought it needed to be simplified or more relevant. This article gathers the highest quality and most appropriate ways to make money using cryptocurrency in 2023.

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Pros of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have distinct advantages:

  1. Transparency – all information about cryptocurrency use is spelled out in code. At any time, you can find out the history of the token and its participation in transactions.
  2. High security – it is impossible to fake cryptocurrency.
  3. Anonymity – banks and tax services cannot trace the movement of tokens in any way.
  4. Independence – state authorities do not regulate cryptocurrencies.
  5. Convenience – going to the bank is unnecessary to open an account. Everything can be done online.

Now that we have discovered what cryptocurrencies are and their main advantages, we suggest you consider ways to earn money quickly.



Mining is the production of cryptocurrency by calculating new blocks using the hardware power of a PC. In the past (in the earlier stages of cryptocurrency emergence), the power of an ordinary home PC was enough for mining, but now you need the best rigs to do it. How to start earning from cryptocurrency by mining?

You can, for example, assemble a mining farm or buy a ready-made one. Next, you must choose a cryptocurrency to mine and launch a mining app. This approach has relatively low risks because you are mining ready-made coins with value.

But also mining is famous for having a high entry threshold. The fact is that mining equipment is exorbitantly expensive, and you also have to pay for electricity, and in countries with a shortage of it, this can hit your wallet very hard.


Holding is a subtype of investment. In this case, the essence of the strategy is straightforward: you buy a cryptocurrency and forget about it for months or years. Then you open your assets and sell the ones that went up. How do you get started? It would help if you bought cryptocurrency.

This can be done in different ways. For example, you can buy from another user on a particular exchange. Once you buy coins, you must put them in a hot cryptocurrency wallet and wait. Well, or to a cold cryptocurrency wallet is your personal choice. The holding process has one serious plus and one serious minus.

The plus is that this approach saves you from constantly monitoring rates. You have to wait and hope for the best, and given the fact that the cryptocurrency market is continually evolving, holding is often an extremely profitable venture. The downside is that holding has average returns and average risks. In other words, a coin may grow by hundreds of percent at a distance, or it may not change in price.