The Current Environmental Problems and the Methods of Eliminating Them

Environmental problems, unlike many others, concern each and everyone of us. If it is impossible to breathe clean air, use safe water, big money or high social status will not help one remain healthy and confident in the future. While local disturbances in the ecosystem affect individual regions, the global ones change the habitual way of life of whole continents.

The Causes of Environmental Problems

Contamination with chemical and biological substances as well as radioactive elements makes water, soil, and air unusable. Any chemical compound in a concentration that exceeds the maximum permissible norms can cause real danger. The main sources of pollution are housing and communal services, vehicles, and industrial and agricultural enterprises.

The polluting objects related to housing and communal services are garbage dumps and sewage collectors. Vehicles are a source of exhaust gases that contain pollutants. According to the statistics, more than 12 million tons of harmful components such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and soot enter the atmosphere together with exhaust gases every year. The main pollutants of the environment in the field of agriculture are pesticides used to control pests and protect plantings from diseases and weeds. Uncontrolled use of fertilizers also negatively affects the soil’s ecological condition.

Production waste of industrial enterprises enters the soil mainly with precipitation. Harmful emissions differ depending on the production technology. Phenols and benzene are formed in the manufacture of plastics and polymers. Waste from metallurgical plants contains heavy metals and their salts. The engineering industry pollutes the atmosphere with beryllium, arsenic, and cyanide compounds. The operation of pulp and paper mills is accompanied by the release of methanol.

River pollution

The Methods of Solving Environmental Problems

The concern for the environment is today an indispensable part ofthe positive image of any company. Enterprise managers emphasize their involvement in improving environmental safety by introducing technologies that do not pollute the world around us. Environmental signs on goods contribute to an increase in consumer demand and improve the reputation of a manufacturer.

Smartphones are a modern tool for protecting nature. Developers from around the world are creating free Android and iOS apps that help users learn more about the environment and protect it from pollution. The entertainment industry offers game programs that both entertain and broaden your horizons. Users can iOS download app in any world language. By playing exciting games, you can get acquainted with the wildlife world and develop the skills of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The variety of ideas and themes on which free Android and iOS apps are built ensure their popularity among a wide audience. Each user will be able to find an educational game that will really captivate them and help them to spend time usefully and interestingly.

Various options are designed for an audience of a certain age. Developers offer the youngest users games where one can get acquainted with the world of plants and animals. Their tasks and goals may include settling a coral reef, studying fish with the help of Aquapedia, and photographing the inhabitants of the underwater world with the subsequent sharing of the pictures with friends. The tasks for older students are more complicated. They are invited to explore ecosystems, maintain their balance, and prevent their death. In some game applications, users perform tasks that allow them to reduce their climate and ecological footprint.