Best Eco-Resorts Around the World

The preservation of ecology is a global trend of the twenty-first century, which hotel owners have also decided to follow. More and more people around the world choose to spend their holidays in places that do not pollute the environment and use only green energy.

And since traveling to other continents also pollute the atmosphere, it makes sense to choose ecological resorts in your home country. Fortunately, many countries around the world already have their own environmentally friendly hotels and resorts, and some of them even managed to gain popularity.

Longitude 131 Resort in the Northern Territories of Australia

The reddish color of the soil makes the landscape of the rocky regions of Australia look like Martian deserts. However, this is a great place for an eco-friendly holiday.

  • The scorching Sun fully satisfies the needs of tourists in electricity from solar panels.
  • The resort has a total of 15 tents with a luxury quality of service.
  • The surrounding landscapes are good for leisurely walks, while the clear sky is a great reason to try astronomy.

An outdoor dinner under the stars is perfect for romantic meetings and is sure to give guests unforgettable memories.

All dwellings look like fairy-tale houses with cone-shaped tent roofs and are made of natural and safe materials.

Whitepod Resort in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland has always been famous for its clean air, snow-capped mountains, and pristine dense forests. The guest houses here have a fantastic spherical design and look like a colony on a distant planet.

What makes this place interesting is that in summer you can only get there on foot, and in snowy winter you need to use snowshoes. It is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of densely populated cities.

The guest houses are powered by local renewable sources.

Finca Rosa Blanca Hotel in Costa Rica

The owners of this hotel in the wooded mountains are ardent supporters and popularizers of eco-friendly recreation. The hotel owns the surrounding coffee plantations, where guests can take a walk accompanied by a pleasant and exciting aroma of coffee.

The hotel was built using the most modern environmentally friendly technologies, and the place has everything necessary to ensure the complete comfort of guests.

Tourists have access to a variety of entertainment, they can go to spas, take a ride on horseback, and have dinner accompanied by exotic native music.

Bay Resort in British Columbia

Elegant holiday cottages are located on stilts right on the seashore. At night, the calm noise of waves lulls tourists to sleep.

The hotel has its own hydroelectric power plant and an environmentally friendly waste disposal system.

Tourists can take a walk, go fishing and participate in Indian kayak races. The hotel also has facilities for mountaineering and hiking in the dense surrounding forests.

Even detergents here do not contain harmful chemicals and are purchased from local manufacturers.