BirdLife International is committed to protecting birds and their habitats. The organization consists of 120 institutions, each of which undertakes environmental activities in all countries of the world. The purpose of the company is to maintain the species diversity of birds, protect and expand bird habitats, and promote the rights of zookeepers worldwide. Over a […]

Forests play a crucial role for all life on the planet. They ensure the stability of climatic conditions. They support the circulation of fresh water. About a billion people on Earth directly depend on the resources that the forest provides. These are food, fuel, building materials, medicinal plants. But over the past three decades, the […]

The term ecology in today’s world is beginning to change in response to new realities. In the past, ecology was called the science that explores the relationship between inanimate and living nature Today, this term is referred to as another sphere. In the modern world, ecology is the science that studies urgent environmental problems. And […]

People who explore modern environmental problems realize that there are a number of global trends that can affect all of humanity. Environmental problems in today’s world Our planet is still under the influence of the greenhouse effect, and that is one of the major threats. Human activities contribute to increasing air temperatures and to the depletion […]

In order to become more conscious in our daily lives, we should read interesting environmental facts more often. This will help us to reduce the negative impact on the environment and nature. Ecology: interesting facts People are accustomed to using toilet paper, but few people think that about 30 thousand trees are cut down every […]

Ecology and human health are more closely linked than you can imagine. A century ago, scientists began to notice deterioration in the environment and in nature, with devastating effects on human health. Modern ecology and health This situation is getting worse every year, and not only scientists but also ordinary people are seeing it. Industrial […]

People have the erroneous view that to save the environment, it is imperative to try to change globally. But what we don’t know is that the number of people in our local world has grown in the last couple of decades with incredibly high speed. This is why even small actions by every human being can […]

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