What can each of us do to preserve the forest?

Forests play a crucial role for all life on the planet. They ensure the stability of climatic conditions. They support the circulation of fresh water. About a billion people on Earth directly depend on the resources that the forest provides. These are food, fuel, building materials, medicinal plants. But over the past three decades, the area covered by forests has decreased by 180 million hectares.

How can a person save a forest?

When it comes to talking about preserving the environment, an individual believes that the harm caused to them is insignificant. However, due to the fact that there are a lot of people, even small efforts from each of us will help to preserve the forest.

Refusal of extra paper

Now electronic means of communication are used almost everywhere. And it will not be difficult to download free android applications. They will allow you to get rid of unnecessary waste of paper. For example, a cloud diary will replace a regular one, a photographed document can be shown instead of a printed one, etc.

Reuse of paper

If possible, you should give the wood and waste paper for recycling. And when buying, you should choose products where the FSC sign is located. This means that it is made of recycled materials. For the same reason, preference should be given to toilet paper made from waste paper.

Carefully removed packaging paper can be saved to be used for its intended purpose again. When printing, use both sides of the sheet.

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The choice of palm oil with a sustainable origin

When buying food, you should make sure that the palm oil there has a stable origin. And you should not buy food products if there is no confirming RSPO marking, but the presence is listed in the composition:

  • palm oil;
  • vegetable;
  • glycerin;
  • lauryl sulfate;
  • laurylactilate.

Responsible visit to the forest

When going on vacation in the forest, it is advisable to adhere to the following simple rules:

  • put up tents, if possible, on specially prepared places for this;
  • travel along paved trails and eco-trails that are laid so as not to disturb animals in their usual habitat;
  • do not turn on the music at a significant volume, so as not to scare birds and animals;
  • it is good to extinguish the fire, excluding the slightest possibility of fire;
  • clean up all the garbage after yourself;
  • do not pick flowers for a photo, but rather take a picture against the background of wildlife;
  • do not break growing bushes and trees for a fire, but collect dry branches.